Public Safety Through Intelligent Design



Sage Global Solutions (SGS) is a professional services firm that leverages the experience and expertise of a uniquely qualified team of law enforcement and homeland security professionals to assist clients in improving productivity, managing change, developing and implementing new strategies, policies, and procedures, and analyzing, evaluating, and implementing both administrative and operational activities.

SGS specializes in re-engineering complex public safety organizations.  Each SGS partner and senior associate is
an experienced law enforcement manager and a specially trained and qualified policy and planning analyst.  SGS partners and senior associates played key roles in the renowned re-engineering and historic turnaround of the New York Police Department under Police Commissioner William Bratton in the mid-1990’s, as well as similar projects at a number of other major US municipal police agencies since that time, including the Los Angeles Police Department.  SGS’ senior staff developed and implemented the strategies, including the COMPSTAT system, that lead to the dramatic reductions in crime and fear in New York, and increases in police accountability and productivity, which have become the model for similar applications throughout the US and elsewhere.  Moreover, SGS leverages this experience to develop innovations in strategies, policies and procedures that meet the needs of the law enforcement community in the post 9/11 era.