Public Safety Through Intelligent Design


SGS's capabilities are wide ranging and capable of meeting the needs of virtually any agency or organization in the law enforcement community. Some of the areas in which SGS has expertise are:

Organizational Management & Planning                                                                

  • Re-engineering of large complex police departments (and/or discrete components) to reduce crime and disorder,enhance efficiency and productivity, and improve accountability.

  • Announce and initiate new programs and policies, and obtain compliance with internal or external mandates  and requirements.

  • Performance management/evaluation, career path and promotion, and employee accountability  systems.

  • Analyzing, refining and implementing disciplinary policies to  promote the goals of the organization and the highest levels of integrity and professionalism .

  • Quality Assurance systems to maintain/improve accuracy Uniform Crime Report systems &  audits.

  • Internal personnel policies and procedures, including applicant screening & training and  in-service training.

  • Workplace drug testing and drug-free workplace programs.

Homeland Security & Law Enforcement Operations  

  • Develop, implement, and monitor crime control strategies.
  • Predictive Policing - deploying discretionary police resources based on highly sophisticated predictive analysis models
  • Emergency operations, continuity, disorder control and crisis management planning.
  • Public safety event planning and operations (conventions; demonstrations, parades, sporting events).
  • Civil Enforcement Initiatives including Nuisance Abatement and Asset Forfeiture.
  • Trademark and Copyright Protection and Enforcement.
  • Crime Prevention programs, physical security surveys, and target hardening.
  • Review of evidence and property handling, storage and transfer procedures and systems to ensure evidence integrity and retrieval, and to reduce/eliminate loss/theft.
  • Community relations programs, policies and procedures.
  • Diplomatic escorts and personal security details planning and operations.


Information Technology  


  • Analyze/develop data sources, regional crime fighting and data sharing centers, and data mining and analysis capabilities to ensure timely transfer and effective conversion/integration into departmental analysis and presentations.
  • Application of intelligence to identify crime conditions and ensure timely, effective police response, and,accountability within department leadership to effectively combat crime, allocate resources, and develop innovative thinking/plans for ongoing processes.
  • Crime Mapping to provide actionable intelligence in a clear and concise manner, including Integration of various data sources into common formats for inclusion in maps, and addressing normalization and scripting to produce high geo-coding hit rates.
  • Analysis of public safety communications (PSAP/911) facilities, staffing, calls for service, and dispatch times and procedures to provide smooth and rapid delivery of police services and usable, accurate information.
  • Situational Awareness Technology
  • COMPSTAT & Crime Analysis
  • Fusion Centers/Ops Centers policies and procedures.